Hayling Island u3a - July update

In this update:

  • The weird, the wild & the wonderful part 5
  • Replying to HIU3A emails

The weird, the wild & the wonderful part 5

The July monthly meeting is next Thursday 21st July at 2pm. We've heard parts 1 to 4 of Andrew Negus' talks - now it's time for part 5 of his adventures and experiences while travelling around the world in 1991.

More details here.

Replying to HIU3A emails

When someone uses the HIU3A site to send you an email from their personal email you'll see an introduction saying:

This message was sent via the Hayling Island U3A web site on behalf of xxx. Please reply directly to email address: yyy not this email.

There's no point replying directly to an email like this - your reply will not get through, instead we'll send you a message explaining what's happened.

To reply in this situation, start by creating a reply in the usual way but copy the supplied email address and paste it into the destination email address. Sorry, that's a pain. It's a necessary step dictated by Amazon which provides us with a low-cost service that minimises the possibility that messages go to spam.

There is a technical option to provide a different 'reply to' address but some email providers choose to ignore it while others see it as something only a spammer would want to do!

I'm happy to provide group leaders, and anyone else that sends a lot of emails via the site with the ability to send emails (like this one) that can be replied to directly. There's nothing you need to do at your end.

More details here.

Andy Henderson
Hayling Island u3a web site editor