Hayling Island U3A - July Update

In this update:

  • Life and other problems
  • The best days of your life?

Life and other problems

At next Thursday's monthly meeting we'll hear from Judy Theobald who promises us a not remotely educational or instructive fun stroll through a long life of things not having quite worked out as they were meant to. Judy has worked as a newspaper reporter, magazine editor and BBC radio presenter as well as having been a police officer, freelance writer and theatrical landlady so she has a lot of experiences to draw on.

The best days of your life?

An invitation to contribute to Hayling Island’s history from

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It is often said that schooldays are the best days of our life. Whether you agree with that opinion or not, here is your opportunity to help U3A with their history of Hayling Island project between 1919 and 1945. I have drafted out my chapter on the history of schools on the island between these dates but I would really appreciate some stories or memories to bring this chapter to life. If you, or one of your relations or friends, attended or worked at any school in Hayling Island, the main county school at Mill Rythe or one of the many private schools that popped up during this period, I would be delighted to hear from you. If you have any photographs or artefact that would be even better!

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. On a personal note, the best days of my life were not at school but I wasn’t fortunate enough to be educated on Hayling Island!

We send this email on the week-end before each monthly meeting. If you have something you'd like to include please let me know.

Andy Henderson
Web site editor, Hayling Island U3A