Hayling Island U3A - December update

In this update:

  • No monthly meeting in December
  • Have you opted not to receive the printed newsletter?
  • Would you like to be more active?
  • Unwanted emails
  • From the forums

No monthly meeting in December

As usual, we won't be meeting in December. The next monthly meeting is on Thursday 18th January when we'll learn about the Maasai tribe of south western Kenya and Northern Tanzania.

Have you opted not to receive the printed newsletter?

We've improved the Newsletter page:

  • Once you have logged in to the web site, opting out from (or in to) the printed version of the newsletter is now a simple button click
  • You can now find out if your household has opted out - if you haven't we'd like you to consider using the electronic version instead as it has benefits to you and HIU3A as a whole

Would you like to be more active?

According to the Hayling Islander, Havant Borough Council has been awarded a £147,000 grant from the National Lottery's Sport England to promote sporting activities by residents aged 55 or older.

HBC is looking to find out from you what kind of activities it should support. If you are in that age category and would like to see HBC help you become more active, click here to find out more.

Unwanted emails

Some members have been getting unwanted emails from the public via the HIU3A web site. Unfortunately we have no way to distinguish between useful requests and suggestions from the public, and unwanted ones. Getting unwelcome emails is therefore a necessary side-effect of making ourselves available to people contacting us in good faith.

However, please be assured:

  • We put contact links in the public part of the site only for members that need to be available to the public: mainly group leaders and committee members
  • People can send only text messages, they cannot send images, attachments or other malicious content. You should, however, always be cautious of links you get in emails and you should never reply to suspicious emails.
  • Your email address has not been disclosed. Instead, the link used to send you the email lasts for just a few minutes and cannot be used after that. Spammers who want to use the link to send you multiple emails will be disappointed.

From the forums

We’ve been asked to participate in a survey being conducted by Zoe McAndrews, a trainee Clinical Psychologist at the University of Southampton who is exploring "attitudes and emotions across the lifespan". Click here to find out more.

A television company is looking for "grandparents who have 3 or more adult (18+) grandchildren who they would like to spend more time with" to take part in a programme it is producing. Click here to find out more.

We send this email on the week-end before each monthly meeting. If you have something you'd like to include please let me know.

Andy Henderson
Web site editor, Hayling Island U3A