Hayling Island u3a - August update

In this update:

  • Late change to the monthly meeting
  • Summer newsletter available online

Late change to the monthly meeting

Unfortunately our original presenter for Thursday's monthly meeting had to pull out. We're grateful to Richard Swaine who has stepped in to tell us about "COPP - the bravest of the brave".

The Combined Operations Pilotage Parties took a significant role in several allied landings including D-Day, and had a depot on Hayling - the site of the COPP memorial.

We're meeting at 2pm on 17th August. More details here.

Summer newsletter available online

As usual, we have released the electronic version of the newsletter to all members. You can read your copy here.

Thank you to over 45% of the membership who have opted not to receive the printed version. That not only saves HIU3A money but it reduces waste.

If you don't use the printed version, and you haven't already done so, please consider telling us you don't need it. Just ask Peter to remove your household from the circulation list - or complete the (very short) form here. That link takes you to the newsletter page which will also tell you your opt-out status if you are uncertain.

Andy Henderson
Hayling u3a web site editor