Hayling Island U3A - April update

In this update:

  • Navigation through the ages
  • Our new treasurer
  • No April newsletter
  • Science & technology group

Navigation through the ages

Our presenter at next Thursday's monthly meeting is Mike Whittle who you might remember from his excellent talk on the Skylab mission. He'll be presenting on "Navigation through the ages":

Human movement has been observed ever since humans have been on earth, but its systematic study only began during the Renaissance. In Victorian times there were major advances, thanks to the invention of photography. In the 20th century, the use of television cameras, linked to computers, advanced the field of study in many different directions. Professor Michael Whittle pioneered the use of three dimensional television/computer technology to study human walking. The main application was to assess children with cerebral palsy, prior to treatment. It is now used in ergonomics, police investigations, sports training and the entertainment industry.

Our new treasurer

Bob Hornby took over the role last month. Please support him in any way you can. You can reach him directly here or via the organisation page of the web site.

Thanks, Bob for taking this on.

No April newsletter

Paul Chapman - our chairman - writes:

For various reasons, there will be no issue of the Hayling Island U3A Newsletter in April. The next issue is scheduled for August. In the meantime, members with email addresses will be informed of events through the usual monthly updates. Members who do not have access to the internet will be sent a brief news sheet giving details of events up until September.

Science & technology group

The group will not be holding a meeting on 24th April as it falls withing the Easter Holiday period.

Andy Henderson
Web site editor, Hayling Island U3A