2016 Programme for Genealogy Group 2

Programme for Genealogy Group 2 2016


Feb 10th Jan’s Sheets to Share and Recent Discoveries

Mar 9th Sue’s Where to find Illegitimate/Adopted/Divorced/Name Changes/Street Name Changes/Boundary Changes

Apr 13th Paul’s Internet Searches and Computer Knowhow

May 11th TBA !800-1820 Part 1 See below

June 8th TBA 1800-1820 Part 2 See below

July 13th TBA Aug 10th No Meeting

Sep 14th TBA Brick Walls/Problems/National Archive Preparation

Oct 12th Visit to the National Archives/Car Share or Coach if other Groups are interested

Nov 9th TBA 2nd/3rd/4th Cousins and finding contemporary distant relatives

Dec 13th TBA Religious/Recusant impacts

Jan 11th TBA Effects of WW2

Annual Dinner to follow either the Dec 2016 meeting or the Jan 2017 meeting.


Study of the life and times in Britain in the period 1800-1820

Immigration Aubrey

Education Ken

Medicine Fiona

Agriculture & Farming Sue

Occupational migration Jan

Politics and Voting Gillian

Religion Maureen

Social and living conditions Brenda

Finance and Wages Paul