Group report

The Hayling U3A S&T Group was invited to a very interesting activity by Waterlooville U3A Science Group on Tuesday 14th July at 2pm. They had arranged for a Zoom lecture from Greenpeace titled “Oceans and Super Trawlers”. The meeting itself had many aspects, and I list some of them below.

  •  It was the first zoom meeting I had attended; lessons learned from it include have good lighting to your face so others can see, and don’t have sun streaming through a window behind you, or the image will be blacked out.
  •  Attendees should arrive on time; late arrivals are disruptive
  •  The chairperson had to establish a protocol for speaking; Zoom may cut out others when one person speaks; a raised hand is a useful device.
  •  The speaker must be able to put across ideas in an informative but interesting manner because of limited audience feedback
  • There should be enough time for questions at the end

In this meeting I felt all the above were met – well done Waterlooville U3A and Greenpeace

Mike Lynch

This is an article published in the Autumn 2020 edition of the Hayling Island U3A newsletter .

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