Group report

Well, we have all been finding many things to keep us occupied but have certainly missed our interest groups.

Each month we kept in contact and shared poems and circulated by email past subjects of local history. Many subjects which have been presented can easily bear revisiting, having been going for eleven years we have files which have long been forgotten or newer members of the group have missed. It is certainly a way to stay connected and engaged in the group.

We actually had our first 'meeting' in a member's lovely garden the first week in August. Six members all socially distancing really enjoyed catching up and planning for the future.

While the weather allows we plan to meet outside and when the weather is inclement we will have to find suitable accommodation inside or failing that it will be circulation of past papers!

Here is just a taste of the many poems circulating.

Moving On

It's been six weeks of being home,
What have I done so not to moan?
First do all the jobs I hate,
Get rid of stuff I do not rate.
Out go the clothes I used to love,
But at my age? 'Heavens above!’
Photos meant to recollect the past,
Just prove one’s looks do not last!
So pack away for future kin,
Who may well exclaim my, she was thin!
Onto jigsaws, not my thing and never done,
But oh! why choose a thousand piece one!
Lost a piece that caused me to lament,
After hours of harassment,
Piece by piece my interest grew,
Vintage aircraft which once flew.

Weeks of sun and time to spare,
Can't just at daffodils stand and stare,
Into the garden, so much to do,
Won't do itself, it's up to you,
Cut, sow, dig and feed,
Make it clear of every weed.
Now sit back and read a book,
One's from my shelf I need to look,
Those gathering dust for far too long,
Now's the chance for Hiawatha's song.

Well, I seem to have kept up pace,
But must not forget my bike to race,
All along the seafront way,
Back and forth each single day.
Now I count the miles I've done,
Don't believe it, hundred and forty one!
So now what of weeks to come?
Till we, this virus overcome.
Carry on with hope and cheer,
Look forward to a time without this fear,
To future health for young and old,
We all stood firm and bold.

Karen Walker

This is an article published in the Autumn 2020 edition of the Hayling Island U3A newsletter .