Group report

2019 has been a rather turbulent year for the Writers' Circle. One treasured member, Derek Knight, was bereaved when his wife, Audrey, passed away and was not in the best of health himself. Recently, we heard the sad news that Derek had died; he will be much missed by the community. He was a leading light of the Hayling Lions, the Hayling Choir and the bell ringers. He worked tirelessly for charity, after a successful career...his death an end to a memorable chapter.

On a happier note, we have acquired two new members who are extremely promising writers, although without a great deal of experience in the art.

I have also written some reviews for an online jazz magazine, which were published. This was due to the stimulus provided by being a member of a writing group.

It is vital for groups to renew and refresh themselves as much as possible and the U3A writers have continually realised their hopes and dreams through the medium of fiction.

We currently meet in different venues, all in members' homes, but without a permanent base. This situation may change in 2020.

To sum up this year, we have experienced loss and renewal but we continue to derive fellowship and inspiration from meeting each month and sharing our thoughts.

Maggi Bridgman

This is an article published in the Winter 2019 edition of the Hayling Island U3A newsletter....

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