Group report

This is an article published in the Summer 2018 newsletter ….

The Croquet group was formed on 20 Jun. We play on our garden court. We started with 6 members, most of whom were beginners, and have now grown to 12 over the past six weeks, during which time we have managed to play regularly because of this long heatwave; we have been grateful for the large willow tree in the garden, under which all of us are able to sit for our coffee breaks. We are a very friendly and supportive group, and spend quite a lot of time smiling and laughing at our own and others' "miss hits"

Members meet once a week at 10 am on Wednesday at our house. The group has proved to be very popular, and everyone is thoroughly enjoying it.

The group is closed to new members at present. We play for 2 hours which just about allows all members to complete a game.

Susan Blagden