Group report

This is an article published in the Summer 2018 newsletter ….

The group was formed in 2006 with seven regular members.

As some were fairly new to the Island, there were many subjects to research and discuss, and meetings were well attended, rising to 10 members. With the introduction of the first Project, some left the group, but luckily two more joined us.

At the next AGM/Open Day on September 20th we hope to attract some new interest, as we are producing a small display of paintings & drawings by Art Group 3, showing historic local views & buildings with brief descriptions, and we invite enquiries from anyone interested.

This year it has proved difficult to find subjects to interest the five remaining in the group. Once the holiday period has passed we will get together and pool ideas on subjects that have not already been covered, or need refreshing.

If you would like to know more about our Island or have some information that you think might interest us, please contact me

Brenda Cotten

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