Group report

The digital photography group is still flourishing despite Covid trying to wreck everything.

Unfortunately we have to report that very sadly Tony Ricks died in January. Tony was a very keen photographer with an eye for the unusual. We all enjoyed his prints and miss him.

We continue with our “Subject for the month” and show prints at our monthly meetings. We were all given a plastic duck and told to photograph it. Some ducks were very well travelled and got into the most amazing places. Other subjects have been: Dilapidation, Favourite place on Hayling, Beginning with the letter I, New beginnings, and Take a pencil for a walk.

In April we are going to try Portraiture.

In addition to these “competitive” subjects, we also have a fun photo each week when we have a letter of the alphabet and look for ingenious ideas to show it. (The letters for March were: Z, T, W, S).

We don’t teach how to use cameras (really good photos can be taken on just automatic) but we improve our skills by discussing our prints.

Richard Bond has once again received great success in an International Photographic competition when he came 13th out of 650 entries. This is getting to be a regular event for Richard!

If anybody is interested in joining us we do have room for a couple more members who would be most welcome.

Wendy Wildey

This article appeared in the Spring 2022 newsletter.

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