Group report

At the time of writing the Group is still ‘grounded’ because the hall we use is not open to group meetings. This could all change after 19th July, but I feel some members may still wish to play safe and stay at home. We may have to use technology to hybridise the meeting and use a mix of the old and new and Zoom the event at the same time.

To help whet the appetite we have a group Newsletter being created, where all the latest technology is trawled from the Internet, currently 6 science and technology web sites' information is looked at, selecting items from Aeronautical, Chemistry, Astronomy, Physics, Automotive and Semiconductor disciplines, plus a fun section, answers to those silly questions that you were afraid to ask.

At the moment I have heard from some members that the acoustics in St Patrick's Hall makes it difficult for them to hear the speakers. So I am looking at an alternative site to see if that is any better, so watch this space for further updates on this.

A recent initiative for the SE Region u3a, was to look into shared resources, so I have asked Waterlooville u3a if they have any speakers but alas they have indicated that they are struggling to get speakers. So I will widen the net and see if I can get speakers, but you may have to be prepared to fund minimum expenses.

If you have any questions, speaker inputs, then contact me.

Bob Hornby

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