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Group report

Our group continues to meet on the fourth Friday of each month at 2pm, usually at Maura’s home.

We normally choose a composer to discuss and one of us will give a presentation on his music. Often we choose a composer whose birthday falls on the day we are meeting and we have discovered some very interesting “unknown to us” composers in this way.

We discussed the music of Henry VIII on whose birthday we met. We were all surprised to learn how much music he composed and we listened to several pieces played on instruments which were used in his time. Apparently he would ask his musicians, of whom he had many, to play for him whilst he entertained his lady friends in his bedchamber!!

None of us were surprised to learn that he did not in fact write the music for Greensleeves, though there is some evidence that he might have written the words for Anne Boleyn! We enjoyed listening to the song anyway!!

Sue Humphrey/Maura Chapman

This is an article published in the Summer 2019 edition of the Hayling Island U3A newsletter