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This is an article published in the Summer 2018 newsletter ….

This year we celebrated our 9th annual BBQ, and although we were all hoping it would rain after the weeks without rain and watching our gardens taking on a brown tinge, it decided to rain on the Sunday of our BBQ. We were not to be deterred, and thanks to Carol Linton, who has kindly hosted us in her garden in style every year we all had a thoroughly enjoyable time under the ‘big tent’.

Throughout the year we have visited a wide range of eating establishments, experiencing food cooked with a range of ethnic flavours. The aim of the group is to try all the various restaurants in a 10mile radius; our experiences have aided us to develop new tastes, both likes and dislikes ! More importantly we have welcomed new members and enjoyed one another’s company.


 The Cooks at work!!

Jill Burnham