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The Collector's group is open to new members and meets on fourth Thursday afternoons except December, June, July and August.

Our 24th March meeting focused on postcards of Hayling Island; members and visitors were encouraged to bring their own collection of cards.

The 28th April meeting will explore crested china with emphasis on WW1. Any u3a members or visitors wishing to attend should contact me at in advance.

Peter May

This article appeared in the Spring 2022 newsletter.

I wish to register a complaint

The following Transcript of a letter between two Hellyers dated 17th July 1833. Posted Chichester to South Hayling was an item of Hayling Postal History shown at a meeting of the Hayling Island U3A Collectors Group:

 Mr Hellyer, you said in your letter you wished me to give up my author about your servant and Charlotte but that I shall not do as I should be very sorry to cause you to be ill friends with anyone on my account but could not help telling your Brother that you might just know what was talked of at Hayling respecting the gin it was your brother said it was watered I have one bottle left if you wish to have it returned I will send it by Mr Gadd's cart next time it is just as I received it from you. I have got six pounds of Mr Gadd that I might pay my rent that I may keep a place to put my head in for you have sent me neither provision or money how different would have been my feelings for you if you had been left thus destitute and what enjoyment could I have had in a dinner party of thirty five and you thus situated how little do I think I have deserved such cruel treatment I am now waiting your determination of what you mean to do for me as something must be settled on or I must take other means you said to Mr Davey I was acquainted with Mr & Mrs Robt Woodman I have never spoken to either of them since I left east Wittering Mr Woodman was at Mr Newmans shop one day and asked if I was there and how I was and thank God I am not quite forgotten among my old friends as many make very kind enquiries after me

I remain your Well Wisher
E Hellyer