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Uckers is the naval version of Ludo, played for over 100 years. This year, the final of the Uckers World Championships 2020 will be played on one of the new aircraft carriers.

One of the many prizes sponsored by Pusser's Rum is a unique, special edition, five litre barrel of 'gunpowder proof' rum marking the 50th anniversary of the rum issue being stopped in the Royal Navy by the Admiralty, forever known as 'Black Tot Day'.

HMS Victory will also host an 'Uckers Fest' in July.

Hayling U3A will be entering a number of teams of two players each into the heats for the finals, alongside other teams from Hayling including the British Legion.

To prepare for the heats, teams will meet at the British Legion. If you don't have a partner, we'll pair you up. We'll also teach you how to play, but you probably know most of the rules already.

More details about Uckers here (you can ignore the reference to WAFU rules).

To find out more, contact Phil using the link above.