Availability: No longer meeting

I run the Computer Group with the intention of helping people to use their computer more efficiently, understand more of how it all works, and expand their knowledge of various applications. (I must add here that as far as I am concerned Tablets, smart phones, and any thing else with that sort of functionality, I class as a computer). What we cover is determined by the needs of the members and covers topics such as :- how to to organise your work; Word Processing; Use of the Internet; using Images and Music. And of course dealing with all the problems that crop up from time to time.

We cannot cater for absolute beginners - that would duplicate the courses run at the Community Centre, and the Library; we do not have the resources to run a conventional course. It is our aim to take over where they leave off and cover topics which they do not cover. Also you will need to have access to a computer on a regular basis - you need to practice skills otherwise you will not learn anything.

I assume you know how to connect your computer to the internet, send and receive simple e-mails, and reply to those received. I assume you know how to find information on the internet, read web pages and follow links. You will also need to have an e-mail address to receive information about future meetings.

We meet at my house, at 2.30pm on the second Thursday of each month. I am sorry if that clashes with other things, but I also have commitments and it suits the current members. You do not need to bring your computer unless you want to. I use a projector to show what I am doing with my computer when we need to try out things.

We have most experience with the older PC systems but are gaining experience with tablets, mainly iPads, and most recently windows 10. Join us and see if you like it.

Contact me if you are interested.