Blues appreciation

Availability: No longer meeting

Group leader: Steve Jones - Contact Steve

The group now meets from 2-4pm on the 3rd Monday of the month. The emphasis is on getting to know blues artists, their work and where it has been influential in the 20th century:

  • Review the lives of influential American blues artists of the 20th century .
  • Listen to examples of their recorded music.
  • Consider and listen to British music influenced by these artists.
  • Occasionally attend appropriate music events.
  • Play and sing some Blues in its simplest form (To misquote Woody Guthrie "More than 3 chords is just showing off"). The final 30 mins will be devoted to this and the simplest of instruments are welcome, but just listen if thats what you prefer.

The meetings are held at Steve Jones' house in Eastoke and accommodate seven people. Steve has a good collection of blues recorded music and literature and prepares a presentation each month supported by electronic literature (pdf’s), using dropbox.

Members are welcome to contribute in one or more of the following ways:

  • Bring an interest in Blues and a desire to enjoy the genre, through listening and discussion.
  • Prepare and give a presentation, if happy to. This can be related to a Blues artist or how their work has affected their own life (Desert Island Discs in Blue).
  • Whilst this is not primarily a performing group jamming/singing a bit of Blues will be fun and aid understanding the genre.

Subject to interest from a suitable range of players It is hoped to link this to a once monthly Blues Jam Session to be held at Casemates Studios, Hilsea from 12 - 3pm on the first monday of the month. This will be open to about 12 -16 members. The Jam session will require some playing and/or singing skills and a knowledge of the structure of the blues.Anyone interested in this should contact Steve Jones or Trevor Brash.