The P&O story - fun & facts

  • Prior to the Suez Canal opening, how did passengers travel from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea?
  • What did Florence Nightingale put her success down to?
  • What was the origin of the modern-day barbeque?
  • How did the acronym POSH come about?
  • Which royal mistress once resided at the site of the Pall Mall Head Office address?
  • When Canberra was on Falklands War Duty, what were the female crew members referred to as?
  • What was Canberra affectionately called?

Steve Herra is a third generation Cunard employee as his father and grandmother both sailed with Cunard. His last ship was QE2 where he was a Purser. He met his wife aboard QE2 and also some of the celebrities he introduces to the audience. After leaving Cunard, he joined the Royal Naval Reserve and served aboard HMS President. He still has an interest in ships and acts as a visitor escort conducting guided tours of the ships when they are in Southampton.