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Bob Hornby will present to us via Zoom.

Requirements for the meeting are:

  • A PC/Laptop, tablet or phone with a reasonable internet connection speed
  • Speakers (internal or external) or headphones

Full participation will also need a microphone and connected video camera.

The meeting will start with announcements from the committee before Bob's presentation.

The Zoom conference will not be time-limited because it is brought to us by courtesy of the HI U3A Philosophical Group’s Zoom account, so there will be no need to log back in after 40 minutes. Attendance is, however, limited to 100 sessions. We expect that will be enough, but please share a session if you intend to join from the same household.

During the presentation everyone will be ‘muted’ and at the end of the presentation there will be an opportunity to ask questions. If you have a burning question during the meeting you can ask it using Zoom's chat system. Please do not address questions to 'everyone' but instead send them to Bob Hornby.

Click here to learn more about using Zoom. In particular, we strongly advise you to test your system and settings before the presentation by joining a test meeting at zoom.us/test.

To join Bob's presentation click this link just before it starts at 2pm. You will be asked for a passcode, click here to log in to see it. We will have published the passcode and a link that doesn't need a passcode in our January update email.

The above links, and access details will work only for this meeting.

You do not need a Zoom account to join the presentation, but if you plan on hosting your own conference then you can get a free one from zoom.us. Your presentations will be limited to 40 minutes, unless you pay!