Please note the change in destination to The Harrow Inn in Steep.

Meet at the Hayling Community Centre at 9.15am to car share and then to The Harrow Inn, Harrow Lane, Steep; postcode GU32 2DA. Please park in the field at the end of Harrow Lane, which is opposite the Harrow pub, not in the road near the pub.

The walk will start at 10am. It's a different walk than originally planned. It is now three and a half miles, with 6 stiles and avoids steep slopes.

The landlady of the Harrow has requested that we order our lunch before going on the walk and that we return by 12.15 pm.

Food available includes soup (pea & ham) and bread, various sandwiches, quiche or a flan. Also a hot main course. No tea or coffee is available (its a very old-fashioned pub).

You must pay with cash or cheque, no credit cards are accepted.

Insect repellant is advised!

Please note that Bryan will not be able to offer lifts from the Community Centre, but others will.