Science Museum London

The cost - £28 - covers the coach journey and driver’s gratuity. Entry to the museum is free but special exhibitions within the museum require booking and payment.

The Science Museum was founded in 1857, 165 years ago and is one of London’s major tourist attractions, attracting 3.3 million visitors annually. It is the home of human ingenuity, with award-winning exhibitions, iconic objects, and stories of incredible scientific achievement; all displayed in galleries, special events and special exhibitions.

Highly recommended is the exhibition: Science Fiction – voyage to the Edge of Imagination. Ticket prices:

  • Adult - £15
  • Senior - £14
  • Disabled - £13
  • Groups 6+ from £4 off per ticket.
  • Online booking saves 10%
  • 10 adults+ Book via 033 0058 0058

In close proximity, also on Exhibition Road are the Natural History Museum (free entry but must be pre-booked) and the Victoria and Albert Museum (free, and booking not needed). Around the corner, on Brompton Road, is Harrods, for those keen to do some shopping while in London.

We’ll pick up from:

  • HIADS, the Station Theatre at 08.30. Parking is currently very limited there.
  • URC Church on Hollow Lane at 08.35
  • Bus stop opposite Tournerbury Lane at 08.40
  • Bus stop lay-by opposite New Cut at 08.45.

We plan to return to Hayling Island between 6 and 7pm depending on traffic.

When you make a booking, we will show you all the payment methods and links to make a card payment. We will also email them to you. You can also see payment details on the main visits page. To make a card payment, click one of the following:

But please do not use these links until you've made your booking - we'll need to know where you want to join the coach. Just sending the money without making a booking causes more work for Catherine and Bob.


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