Roman road building in Britain

Richard Swaine will tell us about the Roman occupation of Britain and the roads they built 2,000 years ago.

His research is based upon Ordinance Survey of Roman Britain and from a British historian who, during his lifetime, became the leading authority on Roman roads in Great Britain.

He will reference the TV series, “Digging for Britain” and “Walking Britains Roman Roads”

The Roman Invasion of 55BC not only brought a formidable army, but also architects, surveyors, engineers and thousands of skilled road builders. We will be in awe of their strategy and their 400 year legacy from their landing in Kent to beyond the Antonine Wall in Scotland, and from London to Caerleon - a major 5,000 strong fortress near Cardiff - and of course the A259 which appears to have detoured to Hayling, not forgetting The Isle of Wight.

Before all this, first Spain then France all had to be conquered and roads built before Britannia was invaded.