Longer walk: Cheriton, River Itchen & Tichborne

Six of us are now allowed to meet outside provided we observe social distancing and we do not include:

  • Those who are shielding because they are extremely vulnerable (or living with an extremely vulnerable person); or
  • Those who have a possible or confirmed Covid-19 infection.

The HIU3A committee agrees we can resume our longer walks programme subject to these constraints and any others that might be imposed by the UK government.

To ensure we stay within the six person limit, attendance on the walk is invitation only. Please do not turn up at the start unless you have been invited - we will abandon the walk rather than conduct it illegally.

To get an invite, please send me an email.

People living together can car share, but otherwise you will have to get to the start independently. We will not meet in West Town Car Park.

A 10 mile walk starting from Cheriton. The Fancy Free Walks web site describes it as:

A magnificent day out through some of the prettiest Hampshire villages, with a delightful walk along the River Itchen and a visit to a battle site, with some excellent places for refreshment.

There are just a few nettles in Little Hampage Wood, easy to skip around. Boots are preferable because of the distance, the slippery chalk and the occasional boggy patch, although the going is generally easy.

This is the route we took:

Click to show the route

Download the GPX file