Florence Nightingale & birthday buffet

All Hayling U3A members are invited to a 10th anniversary lunch that will take place at 12.30pm. Everyone is invited to the presentation which will start as usual at 2pm (non-members will need to pay £2 at the door). Note the change of venue: we will be meeting at the Royal British Legion. Click 'show' above for a map. If you want to attend the lunch, we ask you to accept the invitation before 10th Julyclick here for more detail including how to accept this invitation.

Florence Nightingale and Henry Bonham CarterWe'll be treated to a theatrical presentation about the life of Florence Nightingale performed by Chester House Productions: Vera Hughes and David Weller.

Do you know…

  • Why she was called Florence?
  • What she did at Scutari?
  • What her family life was like?
  • What she did after Scutari?
  • Why she never married?
  • Where she is buried?

Florence NightingaleAll this and much, much more is in the fascinating story of her life. Florence Nightingale was a remarkable, and difficult, woman. Henry Bonham Carter, Florence’s cousin, who outlived her, (played by David) tells the story of her whole life. "As a young woman Florence was dazzling", he says. The presentation follows Florence (played by Vera) through the various stages of her life, including her relations with her family, Scutari, (of course) and the enormous amount of work she did for public health reform, nursing and better treatment of her beloved ‘common soldiers’. She died in 1910 at the age of 90.