How to: Change web site pages

We've designed the web site so that most of it's content can be changed by members without them having IT expertise.

Everyone can change their contact details through their profile. We explain how here.

Group leaders, group editors and event organisers can all change associated event pages (including meeting pages).

Group leaders and group editors can change associated:

  • News items
  • Articles (also known as posts)
  • Member lists
  • Group editor lists

Group leaders can change their group pages (for the time being just one group leader is nominated for groups that have multiple leaders).

Site editors can change any of the site content.

We explain how to update lists of group members and group editors here.

To update...

  • Groups
  • Events
  • Articles
  • News items
  • Other pages

... there are two methods. Having logged in to the members' area you can either:

  1. Navigate to the page you you want to change. If you are allowed to change it, you will see an 'Edit' link. Click it to see the associated editing page.
  2. Use the site dashboard:
    1. In the footer of every web page in the members' area you will see a 'Site dashboard' link. Click it to see the dashboard, something like this:
    2. In the left-hand margin, you'll see the parts of the site you can change (you might see more or fewer items than shown above). To change an item, click the relevant page type. For example, click 'News Items' to see a list of news items
    3. The entries you can change have a checkbox in the far left column of the list. If you hover your mouse over one of these entries you will see an 'Edit' link appear, click it to see the associated editing page.

All the editing pages feature a title box and a text box. Each page type adds different boxes relevant to that page type. For example, an event shows a box that allows you to select event organiser(s). To find out more about how to use the different boxes, click one of these links: