We meet on the second Tuesday of the month at 10.30am to discuss chosen books.

Play reading 2


This Group is currently combined with Play Reading Group 1 and meets at the Station Theatre at 1.00pm on the last Thursday of the month




Play reading 1

We meet at the Station Theatre at 1.00pm normally on the last Thursday of the month. Group members participate by assuming a character role in the play and the readings range from well known plays to sit coms and pantomime and everything in between. This is a fun Group which has been running successfully for over a year. New members are always welcome.

Reading B

We meet to discuss a book we've read during the previous weeks and look at future selections over a cuppa and cake.

We meet at Pat Bailey's house at 2.30pm on the fourth Tuesday of the month. Note that she is happy for visitors to park on her drive - parking on the road is difficult because of double yellow lines.

Reading 1

We get 10 books, usually recommended by group members or from the library, and discuss at meetings.

The King's Curse by Philippa Gregory April

The Betrayal by Kate Furnivall May

Commonwealth by Ann Parchett June


The Bookies

A small group of ladies. We meet in each other’s homes once a month, on the second Monday of each month to discuss the book we have just read. Usually a lively discussion group with mixed likes and dislikes but no fisticuffs so far!


Contact sylviaclamp48@gmail for more information


Reading 2

We meet at 10.30 am on the first Tuesday of each month. Members take it in turn to host meetings at which we discuss the book we have been reading over the month since we last met. We choose books up to a year in advance from the list of sets of books for reading groups held by the library. There are 10 books per set; large print and spoken word versions of many books are available for readers with visual disabilities. We also look at any recent or forthcoming national or local literature related events of interest eg book prizes, literary festivals, book publication. Members are encouraged to make reading choices outside their usual "comfort zone" to benefit from widening their experience.

Reading 3

We choose a book to read and discuss each month.