Art Appreciation

This group has been running since the foundation of our U3A. Over that time, the art we have discussed has ranged, in period, from the Early Renaissance to the latest exhibitions, and, in style, from the realism of Constable to the abstract art of the 1840s. Besides meetings where we have a presentation of an artist or school of the speaker's choice, we also watch a few videos and visit art and sculpture exhibitions.
Lances Hill 1997
David Hockney - Lances Hill 1997

We are trying to learn more about art and artists, as a self help group. At each meeting, one of our members gives a presentation on a subject of their own choosing. The internet is a very useful resource and provides most of the text and pictures for our presentations. The Hampshire library system also has much useful material. We expect all members to play an active part in the presentations.

Contact me if you are interested.

Painting & drawing 1

We meet on the third Tuesday of each month from two o'clock till four at St Patrick's Church Hall on a twelve month basis.

We are a group of mixed ability and number approximately sixteen and although we work to a different project each month, there is no compulsion to follow the set the pattern.

We do have room for a new member at present, no previous experience required as long as you are house trained and can behave yourself, you will be welcome.

Painting & drawing 2

SunsetWe hold our monthly group in the Radford Hall, fourth Friday of the month, 10 to noon. We develop our skills through sharing our knowledge and ideas, no one is an expert and all levels of ability are fine. You will, however, need to bring your own materials.

The most important outcome is to have a good morning enjoying painting and drawing.

There is plenty of space so you are welcome to join us. We regularly have about ten to fifteen attendees.

It is a good idea to contact Lesley prior to your first attendance so she can give you an idea of what to expect and discuss what you need to bring with you.

Painting & drawing 3

We meet at the Age Concern Hall in Webb Lane on the first Thursday of each month from 2.00- 4.00pm - except August and possibly December if members are otherwise occupied.

We are a small group of 12 and generally do our own thing in which ever medium we prefer. However if members wish, we can set a subject for the following month, providing ideas and reference books to inspire creativity. Generally we happily continue with an ongoing project and in true U3A tradition there is no tuition, but some of us have backgrounds that allow suggestion and advice.

Thursday afternoon is a chance to draw or paint for two hours, something most of us mean to do, but fail to put into operation. We also have a chat and find the time flies, while pursuing a hobby we may not have visited for many years.

At the U3A's AGM the group exhibited their work and we were delighted with the many favourable comments.